The mission of Americlean® Dry Cleaning Centers, Inc., is fulfilled by building the highest quality turnkey Dry Cleaning Centers that provide our clients with the independence of owning their own business and the satisfaction of running that business successfully while enjoying the prosperity that comes as a result of owning and operating a profitable Americlean® Dry Cleaning Center.

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The Story of Americlean®

In 1950, a father and his two sons bought a dry cleaning store in Brooklyn, NY. They found that they had a great feel for the industry and within the 1st year they added 2 additional locations and were operating all 3 as full service dry cleaning stores. In 1954, they sold their stores and thus established the family tradition of building and selling dry cleaning stores to individuals interested in owning their own business.

The brothers were so enthused about the industry and the opportunity to help establish people in their own profitable business that they designed and developed a commercial dry cleaning plant to service the dry cleaning drop stores they were continuing to build. In 1961 one of the brothers decided that he wanted to concentrate all of his efforts in developing, building and selling dry cleaning stores and sold his interest in the dry cleaning plant to his brother. Now he could concentrate on his dream of building thousands of dry cleaning centers thus helping entrepreneurial individuals realize their dream of owning their own business.

Since that day, that Company, now known as Americlean® Dry Cleaning Centers, Inc., has built dry cleaning centers throughout the United States and has become a major factor in the industry. The tradition of quality and dedication to our business and our customers that began in 1950 continues to be the driving force for Americlean® through the present day (and into the future).


Americlean® has spent the last 50 years developing the strategy, building the infrastructure and assembling the staff necessary to offer our customers the strongest system in the dry cleaning industry. We believe our efforts will greatly enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of our store owners.

The dry cleaning industry has one of the highest success rates of all small businesses (96.2% according to Dun and Bradstreet). One of the secrets of success is the support that our team offers you and the unique methods of operation that we provide. You receive the benefits of a franchise, but without the high franchise fees or royalties that diminish profits during every year of operation.

Americlean® has been in business for 50 years building only dry cleaning stores. We have been involved in the construction of over thousands of stores all across the United States and Puerto Rico. We provide all the equipment and expertise you need to establish your dry cleaning business. Our expert staff assists in every aspect including site location, lease negotiation, equipment, store setup, financing, training, marketing and 24/7 support.

We are proud of our outstanding reputation and success rate and look forward to establishing you as a member of our family in this outstanding industry.

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